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Prévention des risques

The working community of flood prevention

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publié le 2 mars 2018 (modifié le 5 avril 2018)

The Prefect of the South safety area wants to reunite the working community of flood prevention in the mediterranean arc every year during the national campaign of communication.

In the past, there had had two meetings of this community in October 2016 and 2017.

The working community involves all the stakeholders of flood prevention :

  • the State services (national, zonal, regional and departmental levels) ;
  • some representatives of local authorities and collectivities ;
  • some public and private establishments who are experts in this field (for example : Météo-France, Cerema, l’IRSTEA, Cyprès…).

This community is an opportunity to exchange and to discuss about the successes and the difficulties met during the prevention. It is in a way, to report the results of the past actions, and also, to present and validate the future actions of the inter-regional mission and the territorities. Field experiences are exposed in order to illustrate the successfull actions.

The third meeting of the working community in 2018

For this year, the third meeting is organised on the 4th October 2018 in Aix en Provence at the national school of fire-fighters - ENSOSP.

The Prefect will preside the conference.

For this future meeting, the Prefect wishes to include the european delegates to have bird-eye view of the preventive practices in the different european countries.

In this context, some representatives of Spain, Italy, Greece and orther european countries will be invited to participate to this meeting.

The representatives will have a place at the tribune in order to present their methods for prevention and their appreciation on the past events in their countries and to react to current French practices.