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Prévention des risques

Communication - brochure

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publié le 26 novembre 2018 (modifié le 15 mars 2021)

Intense mediterranean rains : 8 measures to adopt

intense rains - 8 measures to adopt (format pdf - 1.5 Mo - 14/12/2018)

Floods : safety precautions while driving

Be careful, your car could be a dangerous trap !

safety precautions while driving (format pdf - 647.1 ko - 27/12/2018)

Floods : be careful while the basement is flooded

On the Mediterranean arc, the phenomena of intense rain and the associated floods invite us to anticipate and better prepare ourselves to cope with ever more frequent and faster episodes.

In the Alpes-Maritimes, in October 2015, about ten people drowned in underground car parks. These major events have highlighted that in case of flood, an underground car park can be a deadly trap.

Based on this observation, recommendations for users and managers of underground car parks have been formalized through a dedicated brochure developed by the interregional mission for the coordination of flood risk prevention on the Mediterranean arc. DREAL PACA. This project was carried out in collaboration with Cerema and Entente de Valabre in association with the key players of the "Mediterranean arc" territory.

The Mediterranean arc being a particularly tourist territory, that’s why this English version of the brochure was produced. A poster was also created.

poster parkings EN (format pdf - 1.4 Mo - 14/12/2018)

Special video effects applied for flood prevention

The report shows us that the common population does not have a very clear but an abstract idea while dealing the risks of flood with maps and general informations.

The need to develop new tools such as photos, virtual reality … is strong. Such devices would be usefull to help them to better unterstand the real risk and the possibilities of various catastrophic situations (for example : the height, the rapidity, the direction and the effects of the floods).

The simulators could be an effective tool to feel the physical sensation in case of flood. Some simulation can involve them to become aware of risks and to adopt good behaviors and measures in case of flood.

Another way is to create virtual reality in using every day life situations. It was the aim of the partenarial project which was put up by the interregional mission for flood prevention in the Mediterranean Arc, the river syndicate of Argens and Pierre SCHOLL.

The project included the experimentation of the application of special video effects to a film produced to a normal time (without floods).

The results of the project are very realistic and usefull for an efficient sensibilisation of the population.

Even if this technique presents some constraints (cost, duration…) and cannot be used for all situations, the use of special video effects is very appropriate and efficient for the territories where :

  • the last floods have an historical date,
  • the risk awareness of the population has to be developed,
  • the water flows are complex and difficult to apprehend,
  • the work project needs to be accompanied with efficient communication system,

You can see the result on this page.

Special video effects applied for flood prevention
© DREAL PACA - MIAM / SMA / P Scholl - (Durée 1'04)

Launching of “Past floods and today’s regions in the Mediterranean Arc” Factsheets

In 2021 MIIAM and Sudaléa decided to test a new communication tool on flood risks to sustain, rekindle or arouse recollections about past and more recent extreme flood events.

This tool comprises a series of factsheets entitled, “Past floods and today’s regions in the Mediterranean Arc” that seek to inform the general public and local stakeholders involved in managing flood risks. They may also be useful to government departments, for communication, awareness-raising or training purposes.

Each factsheet pinpoints exact locations where local areas in the Mediterranean Arc have been hit by flash floods, overbank flow and/or runoff water. They feature one or two images of past events, together with reports or personal accounts recorded at the time. The historic images can then be compared with the same flood-free scenes as they look today using new photos taken from exactly the same spot and angle, as well as new accounts from current local residents.

A trial was conducted in 3 test areas, in 2021, in conjunction with relevant local stakeholders :
- one in an urban area (Nîmes –Department of Gard),
- one in a rural setting (Sarrians – Department of Vaucluse)
- and one on marine submersion (site identified in the Department of the Pyrénées Orientales).

See the document relative to Nîmes : nimes 1988 (format pdf - 922.1 ko - 15/03/2021)

Tsunami Risk

The Mediterranean arc, coastal region, could be exposed to tsunami generated by strong earthquakes off the coast of France, Italy and Maghreb. The beaches, the ports and the urban zones closest to the sea could be impacted.

Tsunami risk

The downloadable document below gives some advice for the exposed population to react quickly.

Tsunami risk : good manners to adopt (format pdf - 501.4 ko - 26/11/2018)

Tsunami risk : good manners to adopt

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